Wanting to add a house extension is a good idea,it will certainly give you more space to move around your home, and also increase the value, should you want to sell or let in the future.

Depending on the size of house extension required, the time and cost will vary. If you opt for a single storey extension, it will be easier, less costly and more straightforward than a double storey extension for example. However, double storey extensions give you more room, and cost less to build than you think, it is totally up to you to decide what you want, although we will give you our best advice.

At Style Building Ltd. we always explain all the options which are available to you, so that you can choose the correct one for your needs. Because the housing market is currently very tough, many people are choosing to enlarge rather than moving to a larger home.

Choosing this option leaves many of our clients happier and free from the stress of moving home, most of our clients cannot believe their home could possibly be extended in the way it was especially when they see the dramatic value increase by up to 16%.

The process of building your home extension:

  • Contact us and arrange a consultation, where we will give you advice on options, approximate costs etc.
  • Style Building Ltd. will supply you with a written estimate for any proposed work.
  • When you want to proceed, call Style Building Ltd. again to arrange a detailed survey on your property from which architectural plans can be produced.
  • Plans are then returned for your approval and submitted to the local authority.
  • Cost, payment schedule and work timetable is agreed.
  • Work commences on your home extension. We arrange the relevant inspections as work progresses.
  • Sign off – once all the inspections have been approved by the authorities the project is signed off and you can start to take full advantage of your amazing new home extension.