Fitting it in
It sounds grand, but building a room for this purpose or fitting out a spare room with a few essential pieces of equipment can be done for less than £5,000. That’s not bad when you consider the high cost of gym membership and the extra time and motivation to drag yourself away from the TV to get there…

How big a space do I need?
All you need is a room around 3x4m or more to give you room for the equipment and a stretch. Good ventilation is the key factor when choosing the room. This may just be a case of leaving a window and door ajar to create a through draught but in warm rooms with no windows, you may need a wall or ceiling fan. In extreme cases, air conditioning units are now more energy efficient as long as they are installed in the best location.

Alter a spare room
If you are lucky enough to have more bedrooms than you need, a spare one is an obvious space. Failing that, you could partition off part of a large bedroom or living area so that you still have useable space that isn’t part of the gym.
If you are nervous about partitioning permanently, a large folding screen will hide your home gym.

Basement or garage conversion?
Both are obvious locations for a home gym. You don’t have to go to the expense of extending heating into these spaces, but you may want to have a small shower enclosure built into one corner, for which you’ll need to comply with building regulations.

Loft Rooms
Because of their size, loft rooms and other smaller home gyms can get hot and stuffy, so you may need to add a fan or keep a window open when in use. Otherwise, there’s no reason why you couldn’t also add a shower or small ensuite bathroom to this room as well.

Whatever room you choose, go for white or light-coloured walls and ceilings, with a large mirror on one wall (away from the free weights area).

Garden Buildings
Many people choose to put their gym equipment in a garden room. As well as giving you a view of the garden as you work out, you don’t have to sacrifice valuable living space indoors.

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