Organisational Skills

Let us now start with a look at the personal skills that a project manager should exhibit.
He or she should be able to manage effectively. The starting point is always being able to manage oneself. If you can do this, you will be able to manage projects and programmes effectively.

Managing yourself means exhibiting good time management.

Good at time management shows that you are professional. If you are professional you will gain respect from your peers, your clients and your bosses. This leads to happy clients, happy bosses and your peer group responding in a positive manner.

If you have respect and show that you deliver as required you become trusted. Being trusted to do the job is a great motivator.

So how does that translate at a personal level? Good organisational skills, time management skills, being respected and trusted means that you develop more confidence, become less stressed and have more time to do the things that you want to concentrate on such as leisure pursuits, hobbies, family, friends and relationships.

Being stressed is very common, but being organised can really help to reduce stress levels.

Source: RICS Construction Project Management