Retail Shopfitters, Hotel & Leisure or Bar & Restaurant establishment, whatever the type of fit-out you require, at Style Building we have the resources to design an outstanding fit out and refurbishment to suit your business needs. We pride ourselves on our proactive and collaborative management style that includes the client in the entire process, and ensures that the project is progressed effectively, allowing trading to resume as quickly as possible.

Shopfitters and Shopfitting

Whenever we at Style Building work in a retail establishment we will always focus on finding a bespoke solution for the company that allows the goods or services to be easily displayed and, effectively, to drive future sales. To do this we will work closely with you at all levels, to ensure we understand your business needs. As well as the design and build, we can source and supply speciality counters, display cases, lighting and much more.

Hotel & Leisure and Bar & Restaurant Fit out and Refurbishment

Exquisite design concepts for the modern hotel, leisure, bar & restaurant need exceptional workmanship, and Style Building offer a complete interior fit out and refurbishment services, using our wealth of experience and a large cast of talented craftsmen to bring the envisioned design to life.
Our project management team understands the implications of working in a live trading environment and will ensure we deliver the high standards and quality of service you expect, whilst minimising the impact or potential disruption to you and your guests.


If you already have your design, we are more than happy to tender for all or part of the build work.

Whatever your retail, hotel, leisure, bar or restaurant fit out and refurbishment requires, and whatever you choose to do through us, through every step of the process, Style Building will work closely with you to ensure we deliver a fit out and refurbishment solution that is best for you with minimal disruption to your clients, on budget, and on time.

Please feel free to contact us at to discuss your project.